How we work

Every project is a standalone endeavor. What does not change is the way we approach it. Maximum professionalism and extreme attention to detail is the name of the game.


1. Analisys

You better than anyone else understands your business and your customers. Our task is to help you find your real needs and develop the best solution to accomodate them.

The right question already contains half the answer: First thing first we’ll ask you about you and your activity. We started many of our business collaborations in this very same way.


2. Design

To make a difference, the right mix of innovation and proven techniques are needed. Once the right idea has been found, we design the best interface and user experience for your customers and business to enjoy.

Smartphones, tablets, desktops: our creations are meant to be used from all the devices you use and love right from the beginning. We start the design process from the smallest ones and growing in what’s called the “Mobile First” approach. It’s the key difference between who uses Photoshop, and us, who work directly in the browser.


3. Development

We develop in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP and we’ve been doing it for years. This way we can guarantee that every solution is as solid as it can be, flexible and available from every device.

Everyone else these days uses prepackaged themes. We don’t. The code written by us is custom tailored for your needs. This leaves us free to choose the best technologies and guarantee you a truly unique product.

Francesco Benanti

Web designer


Luca Degasperi

Web designer - developer


Maicol Zenatti

Web developer


Direct Relationship

Yes, you read that right: in our team you won’t find an accountant nor a project manager. One of the advantages of choosing an agency like Pigmento is indeed the direct relationship between you and who works on your project. This means fast and easy communications without the risk of information getting lost in the way.

Contact us

Have a project for us? Fill in the form below or contact us directly. We’ll organize a phone call or a meeting in person to better know each other and discuss the best way to realize your vision.

You can also contact us by phone +39 393 9282764 (Francesco) - +39 393 9323962 (Maicol), by'e-mail or by sending us a tweet.

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